MythSimpleVideos is my MythTV plugin which provides alternative functionality to MythVideo. It was created to allow simple, fast streaming of videos from a NAS device.


Missing Features

Required Directory Structure

For the above features to work, the following directory structure is assumed:

        -videoA.nfo (non-video files will be ignored!)
        -videoA-sample.mkv (sample files will be ignored!)
        -videoA.mkv (file will be played!)
                subvideo.mkv (this can never be played - see 'Missing Features' above)
videoB.mkv (file will be played!)
videoC.mkv (file will be played!)
/videoD.mkv (videos in the root dir can also be played!)



Given the above directory structure and settings, the following output can be expected:

Selecting videoA and pressing Enter will result in the following command being executed:
mplayer -fs "/media/nas/videoA/videoA.mkv"

Note, that for streaming over a network, the mplayer cache command is recommended:
mplayer -fs -cache 10000 "/media/nas/videoA/videoA.mkv"

For HD acceleration (Nvidia GPUs), add VDPAU video output options:
mplayer -fs -cache 10000 -vo vdpau -vc ffh264vdpau "/media/nas/videoA/videoA.mkv"

Pressing your menu button will open the menu, allowing deletion:

This will delete the whole directory: rm -r /media/nas/videoB


Download DEB (designed for Mythbuntu, MythTV 0.24)
Download Source (designed for MythTV 0.24)


$ sudo dpkg -i mythsimplevideos_mythtv0.24_20111120_i386.deb

Now add MythSimpleVideos to your MythTV menus. First edit /usr/share/mythtv/themes/defaultmenu/library.xml and add the following at your preferred position:

   <description>MythSimpleVideos plug-in</description>
   <action>PLUGIN mythsimplevideos</action>

Finally edit /usr/share/mythtv/themes/defaultmenu/media_settings.xml and add the following to your

   <text>MythSimpleVideos Settings</text>
   <description>MythSimpleVideos video player</description>
   <action>CONFIGPLUGIN mythsimplevideos</action>

Restart your Frontend and MythSimpleVideos should be available. Please remember to set up your video directory!


Follow this tutorial to learn how to compile MythTV plugins from source.


You can contact me here: jack (_at_)